Reading boost for Great Yarmouth Primary Academy after donation of £1,000 worth of books

February 2nd 2020

Great Yarmouth Primary Academy has received a generous donation of books worth £1,000. 

Our school has been given 150 books from Read for Good, a children’s literacy charity.

Catriona Lloyd, our reading champion, applied for the books under the charity’s Brilliant Box of Books scheme.

Catriona said: “I applied as we want our children to have access to a wide range of exciting books that will encourage them to read. We are beyond grateful to have received the books from 'Read for Good' and we know that our children will love them too.

“Reading is a huge focus and priority at Great Yarmouth Primary Academy both inside and outside lessons. We believe that all children should be inspired to love reading as it brings so many benefits to them.

“Reading is important at our school as it allows our pupils to delve into unknown worlds, stretch their imaginations and grow emotionally and socially. Reading for pleasure also has an important impact on a child's writing - enriching their knowledge of different text types and expanding their vocabulary.”

Justine Daniels, Read for Good's Chief Executive, said: “Our charity's mission is to support children to love reading. Our experience of running our much-loved Readathon in schools for the last 35 years is that children read more when they read what they love.

“Children who read for fun are more likely to flourish academically, emotionally and career-wise in today's information-rich world. We worry that without ready access to the books and stories that will set imaginations alight and fire-up this lifelong love, then this generation will miss out on so much.”

The new programme is partly funded by schools across the country who’ve run the Readathon and includes a year’s membership of the School Library Association. 

Alison Tarrant, Chief Executive of the School Library Association (SLA), said: “Membership of the SLA will allow schools to increase the impact of the books by giving them activities, lesson plans and more ways to get free books as part of their membership.

“This will mean that the joy and impact of a pupil enjoying a book can be supercharged to create a genuine reading culture.”