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Welcome to Our Nursery

At GYPA we understand how important it is to prepare children for their school careers. We believe that education starts with Nursery. That is why we pride ourselves in offering an excellent Nursery provision with exceptional learning opportunities to get children ready for school. 

Our Nursery offers a fully equipped provision for children to flourish in an inside and outside learning environment. The expert staff focus on an opportunity for pupils to explore and learn through a wide range of stimulating play. Additionally, children are exposed to regular music lessons delivered by our expert music teacher. This broad experience of learning will help children develop to their full potential physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Within this creative, caring, fun and exciting environment, we teach children the initial building blocks for reading, using the foundation sounds of the Read Write Inc programme. This practice and repetition give children a head start in their learning journey. 

We encourage and teach children how to listen, use their manners and move safely in a school environment. This learning coincides with our GYPA tools and expectations, which are embedded across the school. The ongoing practice with these tools’ readies Children for a smooth transition into Reception.